Best online courses on SALE – All Courses $9.99

  • January 12, 2018

Bets online courses for only $9.99, the biggest source for web-based learning, is offering courses for $9.99 each to kick off your learning in the new year. Udemy’s main goal to improve living style with a focus on self-improvement. Kick Start your learning on Udemy today! Courses are normally esteemed at $200 or more. […]

How to Setup SQL Server Audit using SQL scripts

Navigating the complexities of SQL Server auditing can be daunting. Whether you’re ensuring compliance, securing data, or simply looking to understand changes within your database environment, auditing is critical. This blog is dedicated to uncovering the intricacies of SQL Server Audit, a powerful feature that helps you monitor and record server activity to meet compliance […]

SQL Query to check port number of SQL Server

  • February 9, 2023

We can use below query to check the port on which SQL Server is listening. DECLARE @InstanceName nvarchar(50) DECLARE @value VARCHAR(100) DECLARE @RegKey_InstanceName nvarchar(500) DECLARE @RegKey nvarchar(500) SET @InstanceName=CONVERT(nVARCHAR,isnull(SERVERPROPERTY(‘INSTANCENAME’),’MSSQLSERVER’)) –For SQL Server 2000 if(SELECT Convert(varchar(1),(SERVERPROPERTY(‘ProductVersion’))))=8 BEGIN if @InstanceName=’MSSQLSERVER’ Begin SET @RegKey=’SOFTWARE\Microsoft\’+@InstanceName+’\MSSQLServer\SuperSocketNetLib\TCP\’ END ELSE BEGIN SET @RegKey=’SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\’+@InstanceName+’\MSSQLServer\SuperSocketNetLib\TCP\’ END EXECUTE xp_regread @rootkey = ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’, @key […]

All About Oracle Database Cloud Offerings and Features – 2023

  • January 15, 2023

Oracle Database Cloud Offerings Oracle Database is a widely used relational database management system (RDBMS) that is available in various cloud-based offerings and on-premises versions. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides several options for running Oracle Database in the cloud, including: Autonomous Database: A fully managed, self-driving database service that eliminates the need for manual administration […]

AWS RDS SQL Server Overview and Offering & FAQs

  • January 15, 2023

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) for SQL Server is a fully managed service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale SQL Server databases in the cloud. It allows users to launch a fully managed SQL Server instance, with the ability to choose from several versions and editions, including Express, Web, Standard, and […]

SQL Server DBA Interview Questions Answers – Always On availability group

  • January 14, 2023

Availability Groups is a feature in SQL Server that allows you to create a group of read-write and read-only replicas of a primary database to provide high availability and disaster recovery. The feature was first introduced in SQL Server 2012 and since then it has been improved and enhanced in later versions. Availability Groups allow […]

SQL Server Feature – In Memory OLTP (Online Transaction Processing)

  • January 14, 2023

In Memory OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) is a feature in SQL Server that allows you to improve the performance of your transactional workloads by keeping the data and indexes in memory. This feature was introduced in SQL Server 2014 and is based on a new storage engine called the Hekaton engine. There are several benefits […]

SQL Server Performance Counter Data collection using TypePerf utility

  • February 7, 2018
  • 0 Comments Server performance tuning and Optimizing SQL Server is part of the day to day job of a Database administrator. One of the key aspects of Performance tuning is to gather performance counters data on the Database server for CPU utilization, Memory and Disk usages along with SQL Server related Metrics. The benefit of performance […]

Top 5 Cloud Computing Certifications of 2018

  • February 6, 2018

Usage of Data has led to companies plan, strategize and execute even more efficiently than before. With an increase in the trend of getting businesses online and moving towards economies of scale, the need of data has increased on the parallel trend.As there is an increase in need of data, it has been compensated with […]

How to Perform database restore with Database Encryption

Database encryption is the process of changing the information inside database into some ciphertext using encryption keys and appropriate algorithm. This process makes sure even if the hackers get through the firewall and bypass the security, they would require encryption keys to decrypt the information. Database encryption guarantees information security while embeddings or recovering information […]

SQL Server Encryption SQL Server Standards

How to use SQL Server Encryption to Secure data?

SQL Server Encryption Implementation What is Data Sensitivity? Data protection and security is one of the most important aspects of a database design nowadays. Virtually no database today can run without having some kind of sensitive information which has to be protected.This sensitive information can be personal information like PAN card details, SSN numbers, bank […]