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10 Healthy Habits of Healthy People

  • March 6, 2016

10 Habits of Healthy People: Despite the fact that health is often connected with an individual’s physical state, it incorporates a lot more. A true wellbeing is a mixture of mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Definitely, the last thing you would want to do is add more to-do’s on your daily list. But guess what? […]

SQL Server Interview Questions SQL Terminologies

SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers-Data File and Transaction Log File Architecture

This Blog illustrates about the most frequent questions which are asked about the Data file and Transaction Log file architecture. Intentionally I did not add any troubleshooting questionnaire in this blog because I will post a separate Questions\Answers blog for the same. 1) Explain the SQL Server Database Data File structure? SQL server divides the […]

Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud Computing and top service providers

  • March 4, 2016

Technologically the IT industry has evolved at a rapid rate with new and innovative ideas entered into the industry. The amount of data that has grown over time among industry had developed a necessity for storage that does not occupy physical space or maintaining in-house computing foundations. Here enters, Cloud Computing to the rescue. Cloud […]

SQL Server Database Objects Interview Question Interview Questions SQL Terminologies

SQL DBA Interview Questions and Answers-Database Architecture and Database Properties

This article comprises of SQL Server Questions and answers series on Database Architecture and various Database Properties. Intentionally I skipped Database Recovery Models, Backups, Restore, Data File and Transaction Log Architecture Questions from this series because I will cover those topics in a complete separate series on Database Backup, restores and File Architectures. 1) How many […]