10 reasons why LinkedIn profile is important for professionals

LinkedIn was counted amongst the other social media networks but over time, it has become the most important to professionals in all fields. Since it is a professional platform,most of the recruiters use LinkedIn to scrutinize candidates. It is estimated to have more than 277 million professional members. Here is why you too must have a LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin Profile Tips

1. Creating connections

What other best way can you find to increase and establish new connections? With such a large network of professionals, there is an augmentation of knowledge and awareness while interaction. Your connections here help in fast-tracking your career graph. People endorse and recommend you when necessary. They also share relevant contents on their page on daily basis. Various groups are formed of which one can become a member and can reach your target audience.

2. Professional promotion

On LinkedIn you can promote yourself by stating where you are currently working or you seek new opportunities or as a business owner would like to promote your business, everything can be done here. Though it should not be used as your resume informing what you have done but to tell who you are.

3. Best of social networks

Well, we all have to agree that LinkedIn is the best of all social network sites. It is a sole network and has no major competitors. No other social network focuses on professionals as LinkedIn does. It is not like Facebook where you have to worry about being tagged. It does not attract any non-professional activities like other network sites. It is safer to use and only one to be allowed to be used in workplaces as is it considered to be a work tool.

4. LinkedIn and Google

Google analytics loves LinkedIn and shall certainly help in greater visibility of you profile. Try typing you name in Google search engine and rest assured that your profile would show up on the first result page. The analytics works with the endorsed skills and make searching easier.

5. Applications for jobs

It is not only restricted to presenting yourself and making connections. The third parties websites are also available on LinkedIn and you can apply for various jobs through your profile. The recruiters can check your profile online and assess the application.

6. Marketing platform

What if you are not a recruiter or individual searching a job? LinkedIn provides this platform to showcase benefits of your products as well. It is like a marketing opportunity for professionals with new and innovative ideas. It is free of cost and less expensive to premium account members.

7. New way of learning

LinkedIn also has its own news and articles portal which keeps you updated on all the new things. With so many unique articles published and interesting discussion held every day that it makes learning fun. You can join discussion groups and participate too.

8. Recommendations

Your connections can endorse and even recommend you. This is quite similar to references that you give when applying for a new job. The only difference in this is that your recruiter need not ask for any references since you already have recommendations from your previous employers in LinkedIn profile. This makes recruiting process easier.

9. Enhance your career graph

LinkedIn has even introduced courses so that you can grow simultaneously while working. You can apply for courses in Lynda tutorials which includes all fields of study. The course after completion can also be mentioned in your profile along with other certifications. This shows that you are a growth oriented person and keep developing yourself.

10. Educational slide share

LinkedIn has acquired SlideShare, a fine tool both for educators and professionals. People can share information and presentations with others.


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