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What are the Cloud computing career options available in the market

While the ascent of Cloud computing startles some in IT sector, However this innovation is a chance for many Professionals to pick up the right Career path to make their spot safe. Those enthusiastic professionals endeavoring to explore their career in cloud Computing must adhere to the changes in the technology and comprehend certain technical areas.

There is an obvious reason for most of the IT professionals to be motivated towards career in Cloud computing as it opens pathway towards the richness of cloud. As per Forbes latest survey, Unites States today has more than 5 million Cloud related Job openings. Below are few statistics fetched from from to give your more information about the Cloud world.

Average Salries

Popular technology based job sites, post thousands of cloud-related job openings on the daily basis around the world. There are various profiles available in the market which requires special expertise and proficiency in particular category. Few of these are:

Cloud Architect

This job involves the responsibility of planning, strategies and implements the Cloud based solutions to guarantee that Infrastructure is supportable, versatile, protected and reliable as per the business requirements. It also includes developing solutions for the business applications which adhere to the performance and supportability within the financial budgets. Candidate must have awareness about the Infrastructure components like Hardware and Software compatibilities, Compute and Load balancing features, Operating system related expertise on various platforms like Linux and Windows, Designing the virtual environment, Firewall setups and many more.

Cloud Engineer

This profile includes planning and executing technical tasks related to the implementation and maintenance of virtualization infrastructure as day to day activities. Person must have good hands-on experience on implementation, administration and maintenance of virtualized infrastructure platforms or applications architecture. Candidates with specialized certification like AWS Certification, Microsoft Azure Certifications or VMware Certified Professional (VCP) are best suited for these kinds of positions.

Cloud Services Developer

These professionals are responsible to work with various open source components like Spring Framework, RabbitMQ, NodeJS etc. Apart from this person must have good understanding of the technologies like AWS, Cloud Foundry, and Object oriented programming concepts as well. This job involves working on development of Portal interfaces and manageability of the same. Web Services on Amazon EC2, Rockspace, Azure are mandatory requirements to become Cloud Service developer.


Cloud consultant

This consultancy profile involves the roles and responsible of verification and implementation of technical solution to the identified problem by the Business analytics team. Consultant usually develops solutions with regard to Enterprise Technology and also performs assessment of the overall modules. Consultant also manages the complete lifecycle of the stages and works on designing solutions for networks, OS platforms and applications. He\She also collects the artifacts from precise sources to assist in decisive customer requirements and preparing roadmaps towards their technology requirements. This role requires diverse IT consulting experience; excellent understanding of cloud technologies and its vendors.

Obviously, Statistics don’t generally tell the entire story, there are numerous things to consider before making a decision for change in career. However, the above details give you some thought of overview about the options which you can look for in Cloud computing as a career.



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